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soulfoot (noun) 1. the influencing factor that causes movement of one's feet in a rhythmic manner known as "dancing" as is induced by music and the adjunct emotions that accompany, experienced at that particular time


mombit (noun) 1. refers to a tribal drinking song 2. literal translation is "to pinch" 3. a particular individual who enjoys music and living life to the fullest whilst laughing

The four piece group has been playing the Milwaukee area since 2012 in local bar and fine dining venues such as Yield in MKE, Cheel in Theinsville, and Arte in Tosa, to name a few that capture the diversity of the band's fit to multiple club atmospheres. They have traveled as close as Oshkosh, Wisconsin and as far as Charleston, Illinois to play music festivals and spread their folksy tunes. Each band member's musical background helps drive the melting-pot of genres and rhythms that create Soulfoot Mombits' unforgettable sound.


Jessie Kipp (acoustic rhythm guitar/vocals) has been in musicals and choirs since she was young. She utilized her piano skills to teach herself guitar and has been writing music since she was a teenager. Richard VanDerWal (drums) is a self-taught, eclectic musician and has performed in many Milwaukee-based bands over the past eight years. He not only rocks the worldly, dancey grooves of Soulfoot Mombits on the kit, but also writes and plays music on a wide variety of instruments. He is a former co-host of the Up & Under Pub open mic, reigning champions of the Shepherd Express' Best Open Mic in Milwaukee for three consecutive years. Mike Henderson (trumpet) moved to the cold climate of Wisconsin from Tallahassee, Florida to pursue music education. He too has been involved in several bands throughout Milwaukee and is often invited as a guest musician. Marshall Holm (bass/lead guitar) regularly performs around Milwaukee in a number of bands, himself. He works at Top Shelf Guitar shop, providing the best customer service to musicians in the area. The band is currently hitting the studio working on their first album, to be released soon. For a sneak peak of some of their tunes, go to and  for updates on gigs and events, visit their Facebook page:


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